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The blog for young adults in search of beauty, truth, and meaning in today's world
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"Be Who God

Meant You to Be

and You Will Set

the World on


-St Catherine of
About the Blog

Groups for Christian Youth. 
Groups for Singles. 
Groups for College Students.
Groups for Poitical Conservative Youth.

But what about a group for young adults who simply want to become the best young adults they can be?

They might be Conservative or Liberal, Christian or Atheist, and in college or at a job.

That is what I hope this blog can be. 
I write about topics of interest to young adults-romance, politics, college, movies, and all the rest.
I show how we can use these aspects of our daily young adult life to become generous and moral people who live a life devoted to other people.

I encourage other young adults to join and write articles that they think would help young adults to live better lives.

What is a good life?

"A good life is one lived in accordance with virtue."

Join us if you are ready to see your life and ordinary routine directed towards virtue and living a fulfilling life.

About Me

I am just an ordinary American college student who loves to travel, volunteer, and write. 

I am also currently under counseling for my serious ice cream addiction.

I started this blog to help all the guys and girls my age who want to live generous and heroic lives and want to find out how to do it without giving up Netflix and iPhones.

I found in college that a lot of ideas that are prevalent among people our age encourage hooking up, cheating, and a general spirit of "I don't care."

These are ideas that stand in the way of becoming heroic adults ready to change the world. I wanted to make my voice heard and to reach out to anyone who thought the same. 

I wanted to set the world on fire with a love for truth and beauty!

Wil you join me?

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